CHIKARA: Podcast A-Go-Go

2008-09-24 12:56:26 by 1st

Check out this podcast from the promotion I train with. Thoughts?

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2008-09-22 23:44:17 by 1st

Not really... Madness is pretty sweet!

I remember sitting around thinking how these cartoons epitomize the want for violence on the web.

It's actually amazing how much they've grown as a series. They went from being an inside joke to becoming one of the finest pieces of animation today. Madness is a great display of art depicting a nihilistic society. When you look outside of the movie on its own and look at the reaction it generates, it also reflects the time and the society we live in, similarly to the Korean film movement as of late. Yea, read up on it!

Congrats to Krinkels!
Mazel, Mazel. - 1st

Anyone else busy as hell?

2008-09-19 11:39:29 by 1st

I've been itching to start a new flash movie (perhaps make a good one for a change). I'd need to completely re-bunk my computer or order an installation disc for my laptop from Dell but I don't feel like chalking up the money.

Aside from that, I've been touring the country wrestling every weekend and working part time to earn some cash. I just feel overwhelmed.


Skeet returns!

2007-07-25 19:56:24 by 1st

There comes a time in a man's life when he gets to work on something and then over two years later decides to go back and do it all over again... only with not nearly as much effort. And surprisingly it comes out just as good if not better than the last time... er.. yeah. Well here it is. The fruits of me and my best bud's labor. Skeet, everyone's favorite googly eyed Freak returns in "Skeet". Now playing at a PC near you. Right in front of you.. Right now..

Skeet (2007) Go there and support insanity!